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Nauticus Exchange is giving away 100,000 Nauticus Coins each week for four weeks!

That’s rightfor the first month after launch you can share in a total prize pool of 400,000 NTS simply by trading on the exchange.

Any user who makes a trade will be eligible for that week’s airdrop.

The winners will be selected at random to receive varying amounts of NTS.

One week there might be 1000 winners who each receive 100 NTS; the next week there might be 100 winners receiving 1000 NTS each. And who knows: maybe one week, five lucky winners will take home 20,000 NTS each!

To protect existing backers, the NTS prizes will be locked for use on the platform for a period of six months. They can be used to pay trading fees, or simply sit in your account for that period. After which they can be freely traded for other tokens or fiat.

To ensure you’re eligible, make sure you pass KYC verification now, and be ready to trade at launch. It’s that simple. Good luck!

[‘Fair dealing’ policy applieswash trades, high volume/very low value trades etc will not be eligible.]

Sign up to Nauticus Exchange here.

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