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Why do I need to verify my identity?
As an AUSTRAC registered Digital Currency Exchange, Nauticus requires all users to prove their identity so the Government knows they’re not terrorists, mob enforcers, or the guys from Breaking Bad washing their illicit profits through crypto.

What is the difference between KYC verification and account migration?
New users (those who DID NOT sign up during the ICO) can simply sign up to Nauticus Exchange and verify their identity through the KYC process. We need existing users to link their Nauticus.io account to their exchange account BEFORE they go through the KYC process. This ensures we are sending the NTS to the correct accounts on the exchange and that it is you.

How do I migrate my account?
Head to the ICO website at Nauticus.io and sign in. You will see a button marked ‘account migration’. That will take you to the exchange where you will need to verify your email address again and pass KYC ID verification.

How does the KYC system work?
Nauticus has partnered with one of the best outfits in the business to provide ultra quick identity verification. The system uses advanced AI with expert document verification cross checks to ensure reliability. You just need to provide a few details and upload a pic of your government provided ID from any one of the 200 or so supported countries. We then get you to upload a selfie holding up a sign written according to our instructions.

How many chances do I get to pass?
You only have one chance to pass KYC on your own (each failed attempt costs money) so please read the below information carefully to give you the best chance to pass. If you have failed or your application has been ‘pending’ for more than 2 hours, don’t stress: please contact support who will investigate your application’s status and help guide you through the process.

How do I give myself the best chance of success to pass?
Use a marker and a white piece of paper.
Write in large CAPITAL letters.
Ensure the requested word is spelt correctly.
Don’t write or draw anything else on the piece of paper (no logos, cartoons etc)
it mucks up the automatic character recognition.
Make sure you have good lighting and the photo is not blurry.
Ensure there’s no reflection from the flash on your ID.
Keep photo file size under 5MB.
You won’t pass if you are under 18.
You won’t pass if your ID has expired.

How long does the KYC process take?
The process usually takes about five minutes, however it can take up to two hours before your status is fully confirmed.

What’s all this about ‘watchlists’?
The systems automatically checks your identity against a number of watchlists that contain the names of criminals, fraudsters and terrorists.

Why have you announced a three month time limit for account migration?
The Nauticus.io dashboard was only ever intended to operate during the ICO which means all accounts need to be migrated to Nauticus Exchange, which has more advanced technology and security. We have always been upfront that users need to pass KYC in order to collect their free coins
this made it pointless for scammers to try and open multiple accounts in order to collect multiple sign up bonuses. (This also protects NTS holders, as scammers with lots of free NTS would sell immediately and depress the price.) And of course, NTS is a utility token that is designed to be used on the exchange. We believe the three month time frame is a generous amount of time to migrate accounts, which should take less than 10 minutes all up. There will also be another three month period where account holders can contact support to manually migrate. However, manual account migration will be a lower priority for support staff than assisting exchange users, and migrating your account this way will be more time consuming. The Nauticus.io dashboard will close on December 1, 2018.

Why are you distributing coins to exchange wallets rather than my personal wallet?
KYC verification on the exchange ensures that we are distributing coins to the correct people and protects NTS holders against fraud and theft in the event someone else has access to the email address and password they used to sign up at Nauticus.io. For security reasons we will not credit tokens to exchange wallets until the testing

Where can I get help?
You can get help 24/7 through our Telegram group, or email support@nauticus.exchange

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