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OK, so you’ve gone through the KYC process and failed for some reason.


For the paper with the word “NTS” and today’s DATE use a White-Colored Paper and Dark Marker for HIGH CONTRAST.

    1. Write NTS in LARGE block letters.
    1. Only include the requested information nothing else! (No cartoons, smiley faces, email address etc)
    1. Make sure NTS is spelled correctly.
    1. Plain background no markings, logos, smudges, etc.
    1. Keep all text proportional nothing much larger or smaller than anything else.
    1. Avoid a sign that is much larger than your head keep everything in the photo proportional.
    1. Ensure you have good lighting and the photo is not blurry and of good quality.
    1. Ensure there is no flash reflection on your driver’s license.
    1. Black and white photos are NOT acceptable for KYC verification only color photos.
    1. Only plastic IDs are acceptable, no paper IDs.
    1. No photocopies allowed. Photocopies of IDs are not a valid verification method.
    1. Make sure your ID is entirely visible and that no parts are covered or cut off in the photo.
    1. ID used must be some form of government issued photo ID like a passport, Driver’s License or a government-issued ID card.
    1. Student IDs, Work IDs, and Library Cards are NOT valid forms of ID for KYC verification.
    1. You will not pass KYC if you are under 18.
  1. You will not pass KYC if your ID has expired.

Reach out to us at support@nauticus.exchange for any issues you have may with your KYC process and we’re happy to help.

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