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It seems as if a new digital coin is launched every day but many of them have little or no real world application other than for price speculation. What’s the point of creating a digital currency that no one will use? That’s why the founders of Nauticus have created a digital coin that can be used immediately on their exchange and which has been specifically designed to facilitate six global eCommerce and banking solutions.

A crypto and fiat currency exchange with ultra-low fees

The Nauticus Exchange and payments platform will launch soon and allow backers to trade Nauticus Coins with 100 crypto and six fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD and ZAR). This will expand to 300 digital and 16 fiat currencies as soon as practicable. The secure platform will be able to support up to one million transactions per minute. Combined with our mobile app, worldwide users will enjoy fast and easy access to their funds. Users of the Nauticus Coin will be given a 50 percent discount on trading fees on the exchange, which will drive the adoption, use and price of the digital coin.

Fast, stable and reliable services thanks to our green blockchain mining centre

Nauticus will open an environmentally friendly mining centre in 2019 that will not only provide revenue for further business expansion but additional server capacity to enable cheaper and faster transactions for all Nauticus users.

eCommerce platform to undercut the major players on fees

The Nauticus Marketplace will launch in 2020 and features an easy-to-use mobile interface. Seamlessly integrated with the Exchange, buyers and sellers will be able to transact in a wide variety of digital or fiat currencies. Fees will total to no more than 3 percent a quarter of eBay’s fees but can be as low as 0.1 percent for those using Nauticus digital coins and users with excellent review scores.

Global merchant payments platform

Coming in 2021, the Nauticus PoS system is a comprehensive business solution with analytic support for businesses of all sizes. Download the app for touch-to-go mobile payments and for peer-to-peer funds transfers. The platform is integrated with big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence and features low-cost transactions (as little as 0.1 per cent) and instant fund clearance for users of Nauticus digital coins.

‘One and done’ identity verification to make ID checks a thing of the past

Nauticus will become a global partner in Know Your Customer (KYC), an identity verification system that protects against theft, money laundering and terrorism financing. Users only need to be verified by Nauticus once, and the company will then provide only the relevant information to other business partners or organizations. Data sharing will be controlled and authorized by the users through biometric identification, allowing them to choose which information third parties can access. 2022

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Gateway and a seal of approval

The Nauticus vision includes helping other start-ups launch their ICOs. We are creating an ICO Gateway that will provide IT templates and code, financial and legal assistance, as well as offer consultants specializing in marketing, media and HR. In 2023 Nauticus will launch an ICO register and a quality seal of approval for those who meet their standards and abide to a comprehensive code of conduct. This will support the blockchain community in general and prevent scams.

For more information and to read our white paper, visit www.nauticus.io

For all media enquiries contact media@nauticus.io

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