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Currently languishing under $200, Ethereum (ETH) has seen far better days. But advocates suggest this is only a temporary setback for the second most popular cryptocurrency. Just how high can it go?

Let’s take a sneak peek into the Ether price prediction every crypto trader is talking about. By the end, you’ll better understand the direction of this promising coin and the overall market in general. 


According to a renowned consulting firm, deVere Group, the value of Ethereum will rise significantly by next year.

In fact, the firm predicts ETH will hit the $2,500 mark by January, and reach even higher peaks in the coming years!

Of course, they made this prediction WAAAY back in April when Eth was trading three times as high.  But their underlying theory seems sound, with deVere Group predicting the overall usage of the Ethereum platform is set to take off very soon. 

DeVere aren’t the only ones making predictions. Online analyst Bobby Ullery suggest Ethereum will grow to one quarter of the entire crypto industry by 2020 and one Eth will be worth $11,375 each.

LongForecast put the 2020 figure around $724, while technical analysts CoinKir crunch historical data to also reach a $720 figure for the start of 2020, before the Eth price doubles to $1488 by the end.


This is the real question Ethereum supporters want to know the answer to. 

Bitcoin has been stable, and dominant for so long. Can anything take its place? When will THE FLIPPENING happen?

Carlson-Wee, CEO of Polychain Capital  believes Ethereum has massive potential thanks to decentralized apps (dApps) which Bitcoin does not offer. 

Developers are able to create decentralized applications that were not even imaginable a few years earlier.

While this technological advantage has not yet been fully realized, as more developers jump on the Ethereum platform to build apps for banking, file storage, token systems, and more, it could potentially surpass the value of the one dimensional, Bitcoin


Ethereum has built up a big network of businesses eager to use its blockchain in terms of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

This unique partnership connects everyone from Fortune 500 enterprises like Microsoft, BP, and JP Morgan, to innovative startups like Nauticus Exchange. As this alliance grows in maturity and resources – and starts to actually produce stuff – the value of ETH could rise along with it.


Sure, ETH hitting $2500 by 2019 sounds like a glorious feat worthy of popping a champagne bottle or two, but just how realistic is it? Is it just pie in the sky dreaming by moon-bois? Maybe.

What happens if things go in the complete opposite direction? 

Currently, Ethereum’s market cap sits at $20,811,811,646 USD. Despite this enormous amount, what has Ethereum actually accomplished besides creating a platform for blockchain developers?

A quick Google search shows thousands of online merchants accepting bitcoin. But Ethereum? Not so easy to find. Sure Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin never wanted ETH to be a transactional currency to begin with, but it’s far from realizing the potential it’s adherents claim. In fact, it’s mainly used to launch other cryptocurrencies and tokens on the ERC-20 standard 

Another factor overlooked by the ETH bulls is the competition has basically stolen the best bits of Ethereum and arguably improved upon it.

While similar platforms like Tron or VeChain are far behind in value, it would be foolish to rule them out completely – particularly with VeChain’s focus on making its platform business friendly, and Tron Founder Justin Sun’s ability to partner with six different organisations a week.

We’ve all seen how fast the crypto market can change and a world where Tron or VeChain Thor’s marketcap exceeds that of Ethereum’s is not that hard to imagine. The Flippener could get Flipped. 

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Post Author: Anthony Cerullo

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