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 BPAY & Pay ID // Airdrop – Call for ICOs Extended 

Nauticus Adds Tether (USDT)

  • Nauticus Exchange is pleased to announce it will support USDT (Tether) at launch. While Tether has experienced some ups and downs lately, it remains the most widely used stablecoin and is the ninth largest coin by market cap. 

Nauticus: Final Negotiations With International FX Provider

  • Nauticus is in final negotiations with a well known FX provider to enable faster and cheaper international fiat transfers into the exchange. This will make it easier to deposit and withdraw a range of currencies, converting them along the way. We’ll let you know further details once we sign the contract.

Nauticus: Transfer Fiat Into the Exchange Instantly With PayID

  • Australian users will be able to transfer fiat into the exchange instantly after Nauticus announced support for both BPay and Osko. BPay is a familiar way for Aussies to pay bills online, while the new fast payments service built on top of it called OSKO, has just been introduced. Osko enables users to deposit fiat into the exchange almost instantly. Our developers will begin implementing the new payments services following the launch of the exchange.

New Security Bots Deployed Head of Exchange Design and Development 

  • Kin Wong has created and deployed a number of new bots that identify suspicious transactions and warn – then suspend – users from trading. He’s nicknamed them the ‘Exchange Policemen’.
  •   Testing Resumes Friday November 2 at 9AM AEST

    Kin Wong has created an entirely new testing environment. Testers won’t notice much difference on the front end, but on the back end a lot of additional security and settlement procedures have been implemented. Testing will commence with 10 pairs, with additional pairs brought online over the following days. If the tests are successful, the pairs have a good chance of being offered at launch. If you’re curious, please ask our Telegram Admins to add you to the Pilot Testing Group.

  • Double Your ICO Airdrop By Completing KYC Now

    A dozen ICO projects have applied to take part in the first Nauticus Exchange Airdop. We’ll be evaluating the projects and selecting the best three projects for our first coin giveaway. We’ve also extended the invitation for applications to enable more projects to apply. Anyone who has passed KYC BEFORE the exchange launches will DOUBLE any amount they receive in the airdrop.

Post Author: Andrew Fenton

Andrew Fenton is an Australian journalist. He’s been a national entertainment writer for News Corp, film journalist for The Advertiser and a staff writer on SA Weekend and The Melbourne Weekly.

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