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Nauticus Blockchain is pleased to announce a total of $19,383,906 has been raised in our successful ICO.

The total NTS token supply will be 495,007,337. However, the majority of supply will be locked up for a minimum of six months to a maximum of three years.

Nauticus ICO Huge Success; Token Supply News

Calculating the total was a long process. This was complicated by a fluctuating price tied to 0.00001 BTC across the four months of the ICO, a range of different private and public sale bonuses, along with verifying and checking large numbers of gifted and referral tokens used to promote the project.

The breakdown is 396,005,870 NTS allocated in public and private sales.

As per the White Paper, the sold tokens account for 80% of the total token supply. All remaining allocations adjusted in line with that figure.

That means there is 42,075,624 NTS allocated for Team tokens (8.5%), 7,425,110 NTS to Advisors (1.5%), 44,550,660 NTS for Referral, Gifted and Promotion (9%) and 4,950,073 NTS for the Bounty program (1%).


There are restrictions on private sales of six months to two years. In addition to restrictions on referral and free tokens that can only be used on the platform to pay for fees for two years. After which they can be freely traded.

The team’s coin pool is limited to releasing 20 percent of supply in the first year, and 40% in each of the next two years.

Although we allowed for a total theoretical maximum supply of 2.5 billion NTS, only 495 million tokens will be minted.


A flurry of private deals in the final month of the sale is a tribute to the tireless efforts of CEO Bryan Ng and COO Jonathan Chang. The duo has been on a punishing international promotion schedule since late April.

The funds raised are well above the project’s soft cap of $8m and will enable the company to launch a truly global exchange with 100 crypto and 7 fiat currencies. However, the total amount is short of the $68 million targets, so the scale, functionality, and timeline of the roadmap will be adjusted.

In promising news for the future, Nautica Group Pty Ltd this week also became an authorised representative of an Australian Financial Services (AFS) licensee.

Total Supply: 495,007,337 (100%)

ICO Sales: 396,005,870 (80%) [Private sales locked for min. six months]

Founders and team: 42,075,624 (8.5%) [Staggered release over three years]

Advisors: 7,425,110 (1.5%)

Referral, gifted and promo: 44,550,660 (9%) [Locked for two years]

Bounty: 4,950,073 (1%)

If you have any questions, please join our Telegram group.

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