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Like a duck gliding serenely across a pond, there’s a huge amount of work going on underneath the waterline at Nauticus Exchange. Here’s our tech update for this week:

· Kin Wong, former Vice President of Nomura Securities and Senior Manager of Macquarie AI Trading joined the Melbourne team full time on Monday. Wong, originally an advisor to the project, is applying his high level experience in algorithmic trading to test and refine the back end of the exchange platform.

· Refined user interface for the KYC and migration processes and re-enabled them on the site.

· Clearing the backlog of customer support tickets.

· Developed a new ‘control panel’ for the customer support team that enables them to quickly identify and resolve issues — including manual approval of KYC, checking user photos for errors and re-sending reset password emails. Further functionality will be progressively added.

· Improvements made for withdrawal, deposit screens and functionality.

· Development of a new routing system to fix connection based errors.

· Large numbers of bugs have been fixed, including error messages and looping issues, to improve overall platform stability.

· New designs for the ‘light’ exchange theme have been approved for further work.

· Further refinements made to the user interface of the mobile app to make it more intuitive.

· Installation of telemetry throughout the site to gain a deeper understanding of the user experience.

· Development of new analysis tools for exchange, user and KYC process data.

· Writing and editing public API user documentation.

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