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Google reverses ban: will accept crypto exhange ads in US and Japan

After banning crypto trading related ads in March this year (almost exactly the day we launched the Nauticus ICO!) Google has changed course and opened up the way for regulated exchanges to advertise in the US and Japan from next month. ICOs, crypto wallets, crypto news and advice ares till banned however. Facebook also recently lifted its ban on exchanges advertising (though the process to be certified is long and Kafkaesque.)
As a regulated exchange, Nauticus is already in contact with Google over the announcement.

Coinbase will geoblock users from trading certain cryptocurrencies

Coinbase has announced a new listing policy for coins, that will see the company offer reduced listing fees (no fees initially), but also geoblock the different cryptocurrencies users can trade depending on the regulations in their home countries. Coinbase is one of the most popular exchanges in the US, but far from the best altcoin exchange, as it currently only offers five coins (with five news coins likely to be added soon).

Walmart requires suppliers to adopt supply chain tracking

Walmart has told its vegetables suppliers to implement a blockchain based farm-to-store tracking system by September 2019, as a way to improve trace-ability and help health officials track and manage the outbreak of foodborne illnesses.

One in four Millennials want to invest in crypto (so why aren’t we all rich yet?)

survey conducted by Circle has found that a quarter of millennials would like to invest in crypto assets in the next 12 months. Meanwhile in China a poll of 100,000 found that just 3% have invested in crypto so far.

North Korea uses crypto to evade sanctions

More reports that North Korea has been using crypto to evade US economic sanctions. The Communist dictatorship is also developing its own native crypto and wallet to further assist moving money across borders without being tracked.

We’ll all laugh about this one day …
The satirical Betoota Advocate has a funny story about a ‘Crypto Investor Nearing The Point Where He Can Laugh About It All’. We feel ya’.

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