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We’re very pleased to announce that we have begun the process of distributing Nauticus Coins (NTS) to KYC-verified Nauticus Exchange account holders.

Most accounts with unlocked or purchased NTS have already been credited overnight.

The process is expected to take around 48 hours to complete.

We will audit the integrity of those allocations today, before processing the remaining accounts (most of which only have free or gifted tokens).

To enable time for users to cross check their balances, NTS trading and withdrawals will not open until January 12.

Balances cannot easily be adjusted after this time, so please check ASAP.¬†Please contact [email protected] with any queries.

This period will also enable users who have not yet passed KYC, the time to do so before the market commences.

If you have not migrated your account and passed KYC, your NTS balance WILL NOT be credited.

Passing KYC is a vital part of the process, as it prevents NTS that was given out free in promotions during the ICO sitting unused in accounts that never become active.

There is still time to claim your coins before NTS trading and withdrawals open on January 12. Our automated KYC process only takes five minutes to complete.

Trading fees will be 99% off for ALL USERS during this period.

After NTS trading goes live, the 99% discount will only apply to users who pay their fees in NTS.

Click here to migrate your account or to check your balance with the ICO dashboard.

Click here to sign in and KYC verify your account.





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