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As thanks to our supporters, anyone who trades on the exchange before the public launch will be eligible for the first 100,000 NTS airdrop.

The rules are pretty simple: All you need to do is trade a minimum of AUD$50 to be eligible.

Now, $50 worth of trade will give you one entry in the competition, and every $50 afterwards will give you another entry. So trading $100 will give you two entries, trading $500 will give you ten entries and so on.

To make things easier, we have fixed the minimum amount for each crypto that you need to trade to receive an airdrop entry. Each multiple of the minimum will get you another entry.

Those amounts won’t change until launch, even if the price moves up and down.

The min amounts are:

NTS 400
BTC 0.01
BCH 0.25
ETH 0.25
LTC 1.2
DASH 0.45
XRP 100
ZEC 0.6

So, to take a random example, if you trade 100 XRP, you’ll get one entry, 200 will give you two entries, 1000 will give you ten entries.


We determine the amount you have traded based on the currency you receive after the trade (and after fees).

So if you sell some BTC and end up with AUD in your account, we base your entry on the amount of AUD.

So if the exchange rate changes and you trade 0.01 BTC for $49, that trade wouldn’t be eligible for an entry, because we’re only looking at the currency you receive.

But if you trade 0.69 Litecoin for $51 Australian, that would be eligible.


The number of entries will be based on the TOTAL amount you have traded at the end of the eligible period. So if you made both those trades I used as examples (trading BTC for $49 and LTC for $51) during the period, that would still add up to $100 and therefore 2 entries.

The winners will be selected at random from the pool of entries. You can only win once per week. Airdrop amounts and numbers of winners will vary – though every winner in a particular airdrop will receive the same amount.

Post Author: Andrew Fenton

Andrew Fenton is an Australian journalist. He’s been a national entertainment writer for News Corp, film journalist for The Advertiser and a staff writer on SA Weekend and The Melbourne Weekly.

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