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Receive $50 in KED just for signing up
Use our referral code below for a BONUS $25 in NTS
More than 100 million KED tokens are up for grabs


Nauticus Exchange will airdrop up to $2.3 million worth of KryptEd tokens to verified users of the platform.

More than 100 million KED tokens are up for grabs.

The standard claim will be around A$50 worth, or approximately 2200 KED tokens – and each account is eligible for one claim.

There are only a limited number of claims available in the first round so you’ll need to get in quick.

How To Claim

1. Sign up for an account and verify yourself on Nauticus Exchange. The process only takes around 5 minutes. (Enter “25BUCKS” as the referral code to receive a BONUS $25 in Nauticus Coins)
2. Head to the claim form, and submit. If you KYCd before April 14, check the box to claim DOUBLE.

3. NOTE: Airdrop claims are collated each Monday before being verified against our records. This process can take up to seven days (from each Monday) before the KED is credited to your account.

What Is KryptEd?

KryptEd is an innovative Ethereum-based crypto education platform that aims to gamify the study of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading by rewarding students with KED.

By 2020, it aims to be a fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) blending aspects of Earn and Steemit with Udemy and Coursera.

KryptEd is scheduled for listing on Nauticus Exchange which means participants of the airdrop will be able to trade their KED tokens on Nauticus in the future.

KED is also scheduled to list on the Turkish based crypto exchanges Ovis and Bitfeks.

The KED airdrop is just the beginning, with Nauticus Exchange planning to roll out a series of digital asset airdrops to both spread the word about worthy projects and to reward users of the exchange.

The KED airdrop has already begun and ends on May 15. So you better get in quick!

How Can I Claim Double For Signing Up Before Launch Month?

To reward our loyal users, if you signed up and verified BEFORE April 14 at 11.59pm you’re eligible for DOUBLE! That’s approximately $100 worth of tokens – or 4400 KED. Simply tick the relevant box and our staff will verifying your claim against our records.

Visit www.krypted.org to find out more about this amazing project or check them out on Twitter at @KryptEdOfficial

Head to the claim form now!

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  1. This is just awesome ,Nauticus said last year that they would do airdrops like this..and they are delivering !!!, so glad i got on board with this great project ! all the best Nauticus Team.!

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