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Nauticus is proud to announce a listing partnership with Etherparty. The Exchange will list the company’s FUEL token towards the middle of the year.

Etherparty is a platform that enables everyday users to create and execute smart contracts using templates, rather than having to learn Ethereum’s programming language Solidity.

FUEL is the currency used to transact on the platform and to execute contracts.

There are one billion tokens in existence following the company’s successful ICO in late 2017.

The company’s smart contract ecosystem includes Rocket 1.0 – a platform enabling startups to create their own Token Generation Events.

Etherparty is also developing Rocket 2.0, a platform to launch security tokens; Hero, a blockchain-based charitable giving platform, along with supply chain tracking service called Saturn.

Etherparty CEO Kevin Hobbs said the company was always looking to partner with reputable companies that aimed to bring blockchain to the masses.

“Nauticus Exchange is on the forefront of the future of how exchanges should operate, being transparent and collaborative,” he said. “We are proud to be working with this company and their team.”

You can learn more at https://etherparty.com/


Post Author: Andrew Fenton

Andrew Fenton is an Australian journalist. He’s been a national entertainment writer for News Corp, film journalist for The Advertiser and a staff writer on SA Weekend and The Melbourne Weekly.

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