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Nauticus Exchange is excited to add OmiseGO (OMG) to its expanding list of digital assets that can be traded on the exchange.

You can buy and sell OMG on Nauticus right now with the lowest trading fee of any major Australian exchange. The fees of our nearest competitor offering OMG are five times as high.

OMG is paired with BTC and ETH.

Please be aware they may be low liquidity for the first two weeks as the market builds. Customers are advised to place limit orders, rather than market orders, during this time.

OMG is currently the 30th largest cryptocurrency by market cap with a total supply of 140,245,398

OmiseGO is one of the most ambitious projects in the space and aims to revolutionise finance by creating a universal,decentralized solution that makes it cheap and easy to send and receive money (whether fiat, crypto or even loyalty points) from any network to any other network via a DEX (decentralised exchange).

It’s being developed by real world Thai payments company Omise, however the network itself is publicly owned and controlled by its users who stake their tokens to validate transactions and earn fees. As the network gains value, so does the token.

OMG is currently an ERC20 token and utlises the Ethereum network, though the ultimate goal is to build its own blockchain.

The service is aimed at pretty much everyone and everything – from individual users who don’t even have bank accounts in developing countries through to large scale merchants and Electronic Payment Providers.

The company claims that using the Plasma architecture (a second layer solution on top of the slow Ethereum network similar to Bitcoin’s Lightning Newtork) allows for unlimited scalability and unprecedented speed – potentially billions of transactions per second.

Unlike most cryptocurrencies, OMG did not hold an ICO, having raised its $25 million hardcap during the presale period.

Nauticus has also just opened deposits for Basic Attention Token and Maker.

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