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Nauticus welcomes Vanbex’s token FUEL – opens for trading on 13 May at 11am AEST.
Founded in 2013, Vanbex evolved from a strategic communications firm into a consultancy
laboratory – leading ideas to launch and to help established companies and startups alike to
harness emerging technology for a changing world.

Along with its recent rebranding from Etherparty to Vanbex – the group also introduced 2 impressive new products, CryptoTaxes – a web based application created for reconciling cryptocurrency transactions to help accountants and crypto traders with calculating their adjusted cost base (ACB); and Rocket 2.0 – a token issuance platform allowing companies interested in releasing their own digital security offerings a kick-start platform, with a few button presses to launch that security token, utility token or cryptocurrency to the market.

View their products here: Vanbex.com
Trade FUEL Against Listed Pairs to Win a Share of 5 million FUEL
To celebrate FUEL’s new listing, Vanbex will be airdropping 5 million FUEL during its first 2 weeks of launching its markets.
Airdrop period: 13 May – 27 May
To be eligible for the airdrop:
– Users must trade minimum 3000 FUEL or more to enter *(approximately USD $25)
– Every trade of 3000 FUEL is equivalent to 1 entry
– Users can submit multiple entries; number of entries are calculated based on the total amount traded during the eligible period
– User must hold a minimum of 1000 NTS throughout the competition period, this means if you must hold at least 1000 NTS before
you begin your first trade in the FUEL markets – a bonus here is that you can use NTS to receive 50% off your transaction fees!
– Tokens are distributed at the end of the airdrop event
For more information, visit: Nauticus.io

Post Author: Sophie Liu