Open an Account

To open up an account on Nauticus exchange, please complete the following steps:

1 - Navigate to

2 - Click the blue “sign up” button in the top right corner.

3 - Once you are directed to the following page, fill in your email address and secure password.


4 - After filling in your email address, secure password and checking the three boxes (terms and conditions, privacy policy and AML Policy) please click the blue “sign up” button at the bottom.

5 - Nauticus will then send an email to your registered email address asking you to verify. If you do not see it in your inbox then plese check your spam folder. If you don’t see it in either, please contact and we will assist you.

6 - After verifying your email, you are ready to sign into

7 - Once signed in, please complete our “know your customer” (KYC) process. You can not use the exchange without this. (Link to “how to KYC).

Verifying Your Account

Complete KYC

Step by step guide to completing KYC on Nauticus Exchange

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign into your account on a laptop or desktop PC and click on the Verify button. (KYC is not yet enabled for mobile devices)


  2. Choose whether you want to be verified as an ‘Individual’ or as a representative of a ‘Business’. If you select ‘Business’ you will need to fill out a form and email it in. The rest of this guide only applies if you select ‘Individual’.

Note Under Australian law a “Sole Trader” is an individual who runs a business (‘trading’ in this sense does not refer to crypto trading). “Sole Traders” have an Australian Business Number and put aside tax to pay at the end of each financial year. So if you aren’t Australian and don’t have an ABN select ‘No’.


  1. You’ll then land on this page. Please kindly fill out the information requested.



  • Fill in your Date of Birth in the Australian/UK format with the day first, and then the month.

  • If you don’t live in an apartment or unit, you can leave the ‘Unit’ number blank.

  • Fill in your City and where it says “City or Suburb” (Suburb is an Australian address feature)

  • If you have an unusual address that doesn’t quite fit with the structure of this form, please ensure you write down all of the relevant parts of your address somewhere within the form. Our staff can fix it later as long as your entire address is there somewhere.

Next up is a series of KYC/AML required questions. Please fill them out as accurately as you can.

  1. Next you will be asked about your employment status.


  1. Next you will be asked to provide your primary country of citizenship and which country provides your valid ID.


  1. Next you land at the following screen which asks you to choose which ID type you wish to upload. If you have a Passport, select this option as the success rate for our automated system is much higher than with other ID types.


Driver's License is the next best choice, with Government issued ID cards in languages "other than English" to be selected as a last resort.

Be sure to read carefully through the success tips, then when you feel sure you are ready please tick the box at the bottom and click to continue.


  1. Now we are presented with a review of the data entered and the chance to make any needed corrections before continuing.


When everything looks correct please click to continue.

  1. For the next section you will need the photos of your ID and Selfie you have prepared.


  1. Here we land on the NETVERIFY page to begin the process of uploading our documents.


  1. Browse to your Passport (or other ID) image and select then click to confirm.


  1. Then browse to your Selfie image and select then click to confirm.


  1. Your images are scanned to verify the quality is sufficient to proceed, and when everything is OK you will receive the following confirmation screen.


Congratulations, you’ve almost made it through! Whew!

At this point you may wish to take a quick walk or make yourself a cup of tea.

Please don’t try and log in to Nauticus again for five minutes while the system updates your verification status.

Even better, don’t log back into your account until you have received an email saying that you have been verified. An approval/rejection email will be issued by the system, the minute you are approved (or rejected).

If approved, congratulations, you are one step closer to trading on the Nauticus exchange!

And if you did not get verified for some reason, do not worry — we are here to help.

Issues with KYC?

If you have experienced issues with your KYC verification, please navigate to the Cases section of your Account and copy the error code you find there.

Then please email us at with the error code and any associated error messages, so that we can help troubleshoot your KYC case and get you verified as soon as possible.

Note: after a failed KYC attempt, you will NOT be able to complete KYC without emailing Customer Support at for troubleshooting first.

Once, we have investigated and helped solve your issue, we will then re-enable your account to attempt KYC once again.