Deposit FIAT

Sending from Australia

If you have an Australian Bank Account you will need to login to your own bank's website, or app, in order to transfer money into Nauticus Exchange. Each bank's interface is slightly different but they all offer similar functionality.

If you've ever transferred money to a friend before, it is the exact same process.

On the Commonwealth Bank's NetBank for example you would follow these steps:

  • Select Transfers and Bpay
  • Select the account from which you would like to transfer the funds
  • Select New Payee.
  • Enter the Account Name
  • Enter the BSB
  • Enter the Account Number
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer
  • Enter the Unique Deposit Code

Deposit via PAY ID / OSKO

Nauticus PayID

Australian customers can now use the Pay ID / Osko system to transfer money into Nauticus Exchange.

The Pay ID / Osko system is the fastest way to get money into your Nauticus account.

The money will be credited to your account within 24 hours – seven days a week. That means you can now transfer money on a Saturday and it’ll appear in your Nauticus account on a Sunday.

The system will be refined further in future to enable even faster transfers.

What is PAY ID / OSKO?

Osko is the new fast payments service that allows users to send and receive money almost instantly, at any time.

You simply need to sign up and register your own personal Pay ID with your bank – it can be your phone number, email address or even your ABN.

More than 60 Aussie banks – including ‘the Big 4’ – support the service.

It only takes a couple of minutes to set up and you’re ready to roll.

How do I use PAYID / OSKO to fund my Nauticus Account?

Every bank does things slightly differently, so it’s worth reading up on how to use Pay ID with your bank’s website or app. There are links to further information below.

Log on to Nauticus Exchange and navigate to Australian dollar (AUD) deposits.

Enter the Nauticus Pay ID into your bank’s interface. At present you can choose either our email PayID or our phone number PayID.

The system will let you know that ‘NEX’ has registered that Pay ID.

In the comment/description field of you bank’s interface, ensure that you include the Unique Deposit Code generated by Nauticus.

Hit Pay or Send.

That’s it. Within 24 hours, the money will be credited to your account.

Bank Specific Info

For more information on how to create a PayID, please click one of the links below

Commonwealth Bank

To find out if your bank offers Pay ID click here

Note that as it’s still a fairly new system, it’s a little eccentric. For example, Westpac will only let you send money to phone number PayIDs, while Commonwealth Bank only lets you use PayID through its Android and iPhone App but not via its iPad App or the website.

Sending FIAT from Overseas

In the next example we will walk you through the steps for depositing AUD from overseas.

  • Look to the menu in the upper right and select DEPOSITS as shown below.


  • Next we will select Fiat from the selection screen as seen in the next image.


  • From the next screen please read the Terms and Conditions then signal your acceptance by clicking the blue bar at the bottom.


  • The next screen provides a drop-down menu where you can select the currency you wish to deposit.


  • In this case we will highlight AUD
  • Then click NEXT to confirm your selection.


  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit in the space where you see 500 entered as an example and click NEXT


  • In the next screen you are asked if you have an Australian bank account. Answering Yes would bring up an Info screen with details for local transfers, we will select No to bring up the screen with details for international transfers.


  • In the next screen you will be presented with all of the information your bank will need in order to make the transfer.


  • Please take a moment to review the information in the Thank You screen below then click NEXT


IMPORTANT! It is vital that you enter the Unique Deposit Code number as the 'description on recipient's statement' 'comment' or 'note'. Your transfer will be delayed if you do not complete this step. The Unique Deposit Code changes each time. Please make sure you check this carefully.

Please Note: International bank transfers can take up to ten days to process. That's one reason they had to invent crypto.

Payments from credit card accounts are not supported.

Third parties are not allowed to transfer funds to your account. Only send money from a bank account that is in your own name.

For more information please see the Terms and Conditions below.

Deposit Crypto

The exact steps for depositing crypto assets will vary depending on which coin you are depositing and which wallet you are using. We recommend that you research the current best security practices when considering your choice of wallet and storage of your secret keys, passwords, "seed phrase" etc.

  • To begin the deposit please go to the DEPOSITS page and select Cryptocurrency as shown below.


  • Select the asset you will be depositing - we'll select Bitcoin for this example.


  • Copy the Deposit Address from the next screen or use the QR code as appropriate for your wallet.


Terms and Conditions

Deposits and Withdrawals on Nauticus Exchange

(a) By making a deposit or withdrawal on the Nauticus Exchange platform, you agree to these terms and conditions and to accept the risks associated with use as outlined herein.

(b) You may deposit fiat currency into your accounts via direct bank transfer or BPAY and other payment processing providers (when available). These deposits and withdrawals are subject to terms and conditions (and timings) of the banks and/or processing providers involved. Third parties may charge their own fees.

(c) Upon signup, platform users are provided designated token deposit addresses for each token type (XRP or Litecoin for example). Users must only deposit the relevant token into each address or risk losing their funds. Users must not disclose their deposit address to any other person when transferring tokens to or from their account. New deposit addresses are generated for each token transfer for security reasons.

(d) Blockchain networks are operated by third parties, and are not under the control of Nauticus. Nauticus takes no responsibility or accepts any liability for the loss of tokens due to use of these networks. Likewise, transfer speed and confirmation times are also outside the control of Nauticus. Third party fees may be taken during the transfer process.

(e) Nauticus reserves its right to refuse to accept any deposit of fiat or cryptocurrency for any reason.

(f) When making wire money fiat transfers, please ensure to make your payment EXACTLY as shown with the unique reference code as message to receiver.

(g) We are not responsible for loss of funds or delays due to incorrect deposit details placed onto your withdrawals. It is always recommended to copy and paste the Nauticus deposit details fully and double check details prior to completing your deposit

(h) Note that international funds transfer may incur additional costs between intermediary banks. Nauticus will only process funds received and will not honor any costs charged by banks

(i) Cryptocurrency deposits are subjected to mining fees on the blockchain, Nauticus will only process funds received and will not honor any cost incurred by the blockchain.

(j) All payments to Nauticus are subjected to user specific minimum and maximum deposit requirements.

(k) Nauticus does not accept cash deposits.

(l) Wallet address cannot be used to receive tokens from an ICO.

(m) Nauticus will only credit what is received in the user’s wallet.

(n) Cryptocurrency deposits are subject to mining/transaction fees on the blockchain, Nauticus will only process funds received and will not honor any cost incurred using the blockchain.

(o) Cryptocurrency deposits will be processed after the required number of blockchain confirmations are made.