Current Promotions

100,000 free NTS promotion

As a special promotional offer, during the first month after launch Nauticus Exchange (Nauticus) will airdrop 100,000 NTS each week to active traders on the exchange. The winners will be chosen randomly, with the amount of NTS provided to each user taken from a 100,000 NTS prize pool. The exact amount given to each user may vary at the discretion of Nauticus, depending on the number of traders using the platform and other factors.

The airdrop may be extended past the first four weeks depending on promotion results, user feedback and other factors.

99% discount on trading fees promotion

Nauticus will offer a 99% trading fee reduction for users who select to pay their fees using NTS within their first month of registration. Users must have enough NTS to be able to cover the entire fee amount. After one month the fee discount for NTS holders will revert to the standard 50% discount unless otherwise specified. The 99% fee discount does not apply to withdrawal fees, nor does it cover bank, transfer, gas, or network fees charged by third parties.

Referral/Affiliate Program

The Nauticus Referral program is in the final stages of development. It is envisaged that Nauticus Exchange will provide users with hyperlinks/banners/graphics as a method of promoting our referral or affiliate program. A user who refers another person who then signs up and passes KYC ID verification will be entitled to a 30% share of the trading fee revenue generated by the user they have referred. This will continue for a period of one year unless otherwise announced. Nauticus reserves the right to alter the terms of this agreement at any time.

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